VISION+: Point-of-sale software for Opticians

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Vision+ POS is a complete Point-of-sale solution, that lets you use run as many parts of the business as you wish, from a single system. Spend more time with your patients, and save your administration time.

Vision+ gives you full inventory control, detailed management reporting and comprehensive accounts receivable. Additionally the Vision+ software will automatically create, price and then electronically transmit your orders to various labs for processing.

The Vision+ POS software will help you to aggressively market, and effectively run the practice.

A complete working version is available to download now: Download Vision+

VISION+ is priced at $499.00 for the local version or.... 


$19.95 per computer, tablet etc. on the Cloud with an inital $100.00 one-time setup fee

This includes:

  • On-line training
  • No annual support fees, but we do charge $1.00/minute for calls over 20 minutes

Updates are sent at least twice a year. 
 The optional fee is $125.00 per year if you are NOT on the cloud.

 (These prices do not include GST/HST/PST in Canada and there are no!!! taxes for our US customers)

Video Tour

HowItWorks.exe (Video Tour)

We have created a video that will show you how the software actually works.

You can install the video by simply double-clicking on this program HowItWorks.exe - if it alerts you that this is not a product recognized by Microsoft - that's no problem - just keep going.

Software Features:

  • Works with all labs and automatically prices all your orders
  • You patients can re-order their contacts on-line
  • Automatic electronic order submission to most labs
  • Complete inventory control of frames, lenses, contacts, solutions etc.
  • No minimum hardware requirement and uses any version of Windows
  • Detailed sales analysis
  • Built-in security
  • Powerful recall and marketing tools
  • Optometric interface is available
  • Works with bar codes
  • Collection report, monthly statements
  • Patient/Practice demographics
  • Handles third-party insurance
  • Works on all networks
  • Works perfectly over the internet for your remote locations with a CITRIX server (e.g. GoToMyPC) or your own VPN, Terminal Services etc.
  • Conversion of your existing files is available, the fee is $150.00 to $550.00 and we do it the night before the training so that the patient information is current.
  • Electronic submission of the HCFA-1500 form
  • Automatic tax calculation and reporting
  • Built-in Disposables support
  • New patient analysis
  • Automatic referral thank-you letter
  • Board usage analysis