In general we do not charge for support if you are running a current version of the software.

We have over 1,500 installations and we really don't get many calls so that's why we don't charge. Now, if you are running a really old version of the software then we sometimes have to charge a dollar a minute for a really complicated question. But that rarely happens.

We like it when our customer's call us because then we find out what sort of enhancements will make the product "better" - and then we incorporate these ideas into the next released version - which makes the software better for everyone.


If you would like help or more information about our Point-of-Sale Software or any of our other products, please feel free to email or call us anytime or use our contact form.

If you need assistance with our software you're certainly welcome to look through our help library and FAQ page. If you still require assistance please let us know.

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