VISION+ is the complete Point-Of-Sale system for Opticians

Vision+ is a very comprehensive practice management system that gives you complete inventory control, client invoicing, automatic order pricing, marketing and the ability to send your orders electronically to various labs (including VisionWeb labs).

You can run it either locally or on the cloud.

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Latest News & Updates

February 2020

The spring release.....

Several new things including


   - a new version of the appointment


   - a new way to record insurance providers

   - a new report "How we doing"

February 2019


We'll be sending out the spring relese in March

May 2018


The spring release has shipped.


There are quite a few enhancment in this release as well we've added an integrated appointment scheduler.

January 2017


We made the software available on the Cloud.


The cost is $20.00/computer per month - thus making the software avalable for a very modest charge.


Aother advantage of it being available on the cloud is that you can easily use an iPAD, Tablet or a MAC... and, of course, you can also access your data from any place at any time using any device - ven your phone.